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Do you know the value of your most important financial asset?

According to the federal government's Industry Canada study, "The largest asset held by Canadians, on average, is their principal residence." The study shows that home ownership makes people more financially stable and less likely to be impacted by economic downturns or personal financial challenges.

Knowing the value of your home - or any property you may inherit, acquire or consider purchasing - is essential to your economic health. The best way to determine value is through a qualified, professional appraiser.

The best appraiser is a professional who lives in your community, so he or she can add local knowledge to an assessment of your property. The result is faster, more accurate appraisals which are sensitive to the current real estate market.

That's the philosophy behind Benson Appraisals, a network of locally-based, professional appraisers serving central Vancouver Island.

"If you name a community, we have it covered," says Jim Saunders, who created Benson Appraisals in March 2003. Nobody handles local appraisals the way we do.

The innovation introduced by Benson Appraisals is the use of technology to link professional appraisers as independent contractors working under one company. Each of the groups appraisers works out of an office based in his or her home community, giving clients the benefit of local knowledge and easy access to appraisers.

But by combining their skills, the individual appraisers are able to lower their overhead while offering a broader range of skills and faster service to handle the variety of residential properties on the island.

Even in a busy real estate market, this combination of experience and number of available appraisers gives you fast service and local knowledge, backed by more than six decades of industry experience.

Services offered by Benson Appraisals include residential property appraisals for:

All appraisers working for the company are members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada or the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers. As such, our firm can produce appraisal reports that are accepted by virtually every lending institution in British Columbia.

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