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#107-30 Cavan Street
Nanaimo, BC, V9R 6K3
Vancouver Island

About Us

Benson Appraisals was established in March 2003 to bring a different type of residential real estate appraisal to Vancouver Island. The principals wanted to combine the economies of scale and resources provided by a larger company with the personalized attention of local, community-based appraisers.

Technology that linked community-based satellite offices into one company made it possible to offer the best of both to clients. Although Benson Appraisals is one of the largest residential appraisal companies on Vancouver Island, the company still offers personalized, locally based appraisers to all the communities in central Vancouver Island.

To reflect this combination of size and local knowledge, the company is named after Mount Benson, an island landmark that overlooks the city of Nanaimo.

Every appraiser in the company is both part of the team and an independent contractor. All are members of either the Appraisal Institute of Canada or the Canadian National Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

Founder Jim Saunders said the company has been busy since the first day of operation, riding the wave of a busy real estate market. Approximately 90 per cent of the company's business is institutional, including appraisals requested by lenders and mortgage brokers.

Appraisals are also requested by individuals. Reasons for requesting an appraisal include arranging financing for a mortgage or home equity loan; determining pricing prior to putting property on the market; settling an estate or matrimonial division of assets; placing a value on personal assets; or pricing re-location costs.

Founder Jim Saunders said the company offers the appraisers both the benefits of a team environment, the help of the experienced senior appraisers, and the independence to set their own schedules to best serve their clients. "I like seeing the company succeed and all our partners succeed."

He notes the industry is becoming increasingly professional, with strict certification requirements that take four years to complete. Incoming AIC applicants must also have a university degree.

"For many Canadians, a real estate investment is the most important investment of their lives," he said. "It's important that appraisers are trained as professionals to help Canadians accurately assess the value of their homes."

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